finally getting back to normal (hopefully)

After backsliding into sickness over and over again, I’m finally starting to feel (mostly) normal- I’m still having a little congestion. I’m not sure what that cold was last week but it sucked. Saturday morning I woke up after sleeping 13+ hours (I know, insane) feeling somewhat better, which was good, because the parents were coming to town to celebrate my friend Kimmy’s graduation from her masters program (ygg). Our families have been friends for years so it was great to catch up on everyone’s lives.

Obviously there’s a height difference with the kids :)

We had an amazing time at dinner and delicious food, but I called it a night pretty early since I was still getting over this cold and worked Sunday.
After a busy day at work Sunday, I was grateful for the day off today to run errands and get Christmas things done. On my list was shopping (and wrapping),

And baking for a gift exchange/potluck my friends are having later this week.

With almost all the gifts bought, I’m so excited for Christmas to be here! Plus, I’m also hoping Santa will help my immune system out and get me back to normal, this sickness has got to go.
How’s your Christmas prep going? Any big plans?

another sick day and some randomness

Hola!  So I totally spoke too soon about being better- two days at work later, I’m back to bed, ginger ale, and soup (thanks Serena for bringing me some :) )  Obviously, I wasn’t ever 100% better, so I think working without being all the way better wasn’t the best choice.

Since my day is super boring and sickly, I wanted to share two things that are making me laugh.

1. 16 Things That Happen When You Don’t Eat Gluten During The Holidays

True story of my life.  And Thanksgiving.  And all work parties.

2.  Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals singing Sexual Healing

Also, random but if you’re in Charlotte and want to run Huntersville Half Marathon, email me!  I cannot run tomorrow(for obvious reasons) so I can sell you my entry at the cost I bought it :)  Please let me know!

sickly start to the week

After being sent home for work yesterday (not to be too gross, but something that rhymes with “comet” was to blame), I’ve been making major moves between the couch and bed and sleeping about 90% of the day.  This is definitely no bueno considering I’m supposed to be running a half this Satursday, yikes.  Luckily, I think it was a 24 hour(ish) bug, and keeping everything down today and have been able to eat a little.  Ginger ale and broth are my best friends.

On the plus side, since I’m feeling a little better today, I was able to get a lot done.  Christmas cards, invitations, and school stuff all got done.  Wait, school stuff?  Yup, starting in January I’ll be back in nursing school (which is part of the reason I never got around to updating my banner).  My first nursing degree was an associate’s, so I’ll be starting my bachelor’s soon!  I knew I needed to get it, but was debating between going straight for my master’s or my bachelor’s, but since I can do my BSN online, I’m going to try to knock this out quickly, and then figure out my next step.  So I guess my view will start looking a lot like this again after work:

IMG_2267Except at night.

What’s your go-to when you’re sick?



girls on the run 5k

How’s your weekend been? It has been rainy and dreary in Charlotte, but on Saturday morning we had to rally because it was the Mecklenburg county Girls on The Run 5k! My sister coaches for her school, so to help out Serena and I signed up to volunteer, which was interesting because even though I’ve run races, I’ve never volunteered. We wound up working the water table in the rain.

Girl on The Run in Mecklenburg county had over 4,000 runners and was so inspirational to see- all these girls running, I loved it! Julie and one of our friends, Alex, coach the team for their school and it was so awesome to see them!

This was part of the group at the mile 1 water stop. Because we were at the water stations, Serena and I missed the finish, but Julie said the girls were all so proud of themselves and happy. I am SO glad we braved the rain to participate, and the three of us celebrated with brunch and mimosas.

Do you volunteer? Have you ever volunteered at a race?

olde mecklenburg brewery christmas market

Hi guys! Hope your weekend if off to a great start! Olde Mecklenburg Brewery had their weinachtsmarkt, or Christmas market, and some friends and I headed out there in the evening to check it out. There were fire pits in the outdoor area plus hot Gluhwein (hot spiced wine), food, vendors, and the various beers on tap.

We got drinks and explored the booths, but wound spending most of the night at the David French tent. David French is a Charlotte artist that does pieces of different places around the city.

Julie and I both bought something- I got one from the neighborhood I lived in when I first moved to Charlotte abd Julie got one of the city. I am so excited to hang it up!
We wrapped up the night inside and had so much fun kicking off the Christmas season.

FYI- if you want to check out the OMB Christmas market, it’ll be open again next Friday and Saturday and is free and a lot of fun!


I know this is a couple of days late, but I wanted to share some of the things I’m most thankful for this year :)


We try to travel to see family for Thanksgiving every year, but thanks to my work schedule, I missed out on last year’s celebration.  This year I enjoyed spending time with my family (both those that live far away and those that don’t) and was grateful to celebrate the holiday with everyone.


(sorry the picture’s blurry, I blame the cold)

my job

I was lucky enough to graduate nursing school with a job, and was able to start right after passing NCLEX.  I am so thankful I had that opportunity- some people I graduated with are still searching and applying.  Plus, I’ve made friends with my coworkers and they’re pretty awesome :)


Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I am so so SO thankful for my friends.  Old friends, new friends, Charlotte friends, Clemson friends (I sound like a Dr. Seuss book).  After my birthday two weeks ago, I was reminded how fabulous some of my friends where who I have kept in touch with like I would have liked.


my health and my family’s

Working in oncology, I am constantly reminded how lucky my family and I are for not having to fight this terrible disease, and I thank God on a daily basis for our health.  Whenever a family member reacts unexpectedly, I try to imagine how I would react or my sister or parents in their situation.

What are you thankful for?