one week later….

Hi…remember me?  I had all the intentions in the world of posting more regularly  over the last few weeks then something happens…work, life, whatever.  Last week I worked Tuesday, then had Wednesday off, and then Thursday through Sunday.  To say I was tired is an understatement.  Lately our unit has had some staffing needs so I’m picking up extra to help out and let’s be honest, help my bank account out.  So a quick recap of what’s been going on-


Friends at Scarowinds!  We went on Sunday night because it was cheaper and the weather was misty so a lot of people weren’t there.  The misty/foggy/chilly weather was awesome for the Halloween theme and made everything even spookier.  Selfies in line for roller coasters? We were hardly the only ones :)


This awesome picture during NoDA run club last Wednesday.  Don’t be jealous of my blurry picture taking skills.  It was a great run, but remember how I said it gets sketchy during some parts?  It started getting dark so I obviously picked up my pace when I realized I was a little ways away from the runner up ahead of me plus there was some distance between me and the girl behind.  Luckily, she picked up the pace and we ended up running the last mile and a half together.  It made me feel a lot safer and I made a new running friend!


Meal prep for four days at the hospital- if I bring food I’m more likely to not snack if I bring food to eat that I actually like.  Obviously still on my asparagus kick also (I’m going to be so sad when it goes out of season).

On top of work 48+ hours, I was so grateful for a day where I could wake up when the sun was actually up.  Surprisingly, my days flew by and each day was busy but pretty low stress.  I loved my patients and leaving last night I felt like I could work a fifth day in the row with them, but still appreciated the time off.  Also, this weekend the new students precepting started out on our unit and I CANNOT believe I was there in the spring, it seems like so long ago!  Seriously, so nuts to think I was just finishing up my last semester of nursing school and now I’ve been working on the floor for a couple of months already!  How was your weekend?

Charlotte cider fest

A couple of weeks ago I bought tickets on groupon for the Charlotte Cider Festival- having celiacs means beer festivals usually have extremely limited options for me, if anything at all. Last year Julie and I went to Oktoberfest in Charlotte and pretty much spent the whole day in the cider corner. So, I was really excited to see Charlotte was hosting it’s first cider festival.

I bought the four pack of tickets so Julie, Serena, and our friend Meghan headed there friend evening (yay for friends who will drink cider for you!)

The “festival” was at the Epicenter in Uptown so space was limited but the views were awesome!

Compared to the Oktoberfest cider selection, this was a little lacking so we didn’t stay for too long, but it was a lot of fun. To be fair, it was the first year so maybe next year will be better, plus it was a groupon aka a deal. Also, I feel like I haven’t been out in Charlotte in so long and it was good to stick around for the weekend :)

Oktoberfest? Yay or nay?

another work filled week and I finally feel better!

Happy weekend guys! My week flew by because I worked most days and had my free days pretty packed too.
The weather in Charlotte has been unseasonably warm so, when I got back on Sunday, I went for a walk with Serena on the rail trail before dinner and loved catching up like that! I wish I had more hours in the day, especially work days for walks with friends :)
My work week was pretty good, I really enjoyed my patients and had some really funny ones- I love when my patients are snarky and sarcastic because they keep me laughing and mix up the shift. Other highlights from this week included this view on another walk with Serena to Uptown

A newfound love of sweet potatoes (they started making their way into my lunch bowls), gluten free Chex oatmeal (so good!)

Midday margs with my friend Sam who was in town for work,

And lots of treadmill runs because it’s dark when I get off and I’m a huge wimp and also because I finally feel better, yay! I hate when colds hang on for weeks and weeks.
How was your week? Anything exciting happen?

i’ve been super lame…

and not just about blogging (because I’ve definitely NOT been the best blog mom).  Last week, I ended up nursing that cold all week, and quickly fell into a pattern- work, shower, eat, bed.  Repeat.  No working out, nothing fun outside of work, just work, eat, repeat.  Thankfully, I’m feeling A LOT better and cannot wait to get back into the swing of things where I actually participate in life :)  My hot peppermint tea helped a lot too.


This weekend was spent in Clemson again, watching the tiger win (again :) ).  It was my mom’s birthday and she wanted to spend it at the Clemson vs. NC State game, and we were only too happy to oblige.


The weather during the day was absolutely perfect, and we spent it hanging out and nomming on all the gluten free food my mom had made.


Eventually we went in and watched the shutout that happened before tailgating a little more and calling it a night (by the way, it was absolutely freezing post game).

After brunch Sunday, my parents dropped Julie and I off in Charlotte, and I wrapped up the weekend watching the panthers get a win and going for a walk with Serena to catch up.  I definitely need to start walking more, I’m loving this weather right now and it’s so nice to chat and be moving.

I promise I’ll be a better blogger this week, but first, what was the best part of your weekend?


For my friend Lauren’s birthday last week, we started off the celebrations with brunch at Soby’s in Greenville, South Carolina.


They had a HUGE brunch buffet with everything from traditional breakfast fare (eggs and bacon) to thai pork and meatloaf.  Not to mention the big dessert spread as well.  They’re advertised as gluten free friendly, but I’m usually pretty safe with breakfast food so I was all good :)

We all started with mimosas and bloody mary’s- they had a make your own sheet at each place setting where you choose your alcohol, your juice, garnishes, and any add ons (like vodka for the mimosas…a little too aggressive for us Sunday morning ;) ).


I started out with pretty typical choices- bacon, an omelet, and grits.  Honestly, I don’t know why I get omelets, I love the idea of them, but whenever I make them/get them, I make it through about half and then I’m like “Meh, that’s enough” and can’t finish it.  Is anyone else like that? Just me? This is also true for scrambled eggs.

The grits on the other hand, were to die for.  They were so so good, and I love me some good grits.  If you’re a fan, you should definitely check out Soby’s.

IMG_5010After the first plate, we all went back for dessert, and I hear the mini pumpkin pies were the best things ever.  I stuck to eating my weight in strawberries with chocolate fondue to dip them in :)  Brunch was definitely delicious, and I’d love to try their lunch and dinner menus out too, everyone who lived in Greenville (aka everyone but me) said the food there at dinner is delicious, plus gluten free options, sounds like a plan to me!



Our last day in Chicago started off with brunch at Beatrix .  Like I said before, Sam and her boyfriend were amazingly sweet and made sure it was GF friendly before making our reservation with open table :)


When we got there, the weather was perfect and in the 70s but pretty soon the sky opened up and pouring.  Lucky for us, we were warm and dry inside :)  The restaurant was super crowded and we had to wait for a little before being seated at a little table.  Our waiter immediately apologized for the wait, and brought the table pastries to make up for it along with our drinks.


I couldn’t eat the pastries, but Sam described them as “I thought the chocolate angel food cake was really good and then I tried the cinnamon roll and couldn’t believe how good that was” aka both delicious.  By the way, our drinks were watermelon-strawberry mimosas (the red ones on the menu), and her boyfriend got a bloody Mary.

We all pretty much ordered the same meal- eggs, hash browns, brown sugar bacon, that came with a  side of toast (gluten free for me!) and laughed about how crowded our table became when the food arrived.  The toast came with raspberry preserves, and I’m not usually a fan but they were so good!

IMG_4964We all left stuffed and happy, it was a great brunch and a great way to start our last day in Chicago!

Do you love brunch? I’m a huge fan!


weekending: clemson edition

So I didn’t update my week that much last week because I caught a cold (I blame the airplane), and my days went: work, dinner(cereal), sleep, repeat.  I kept trying knock out the cold with Dayquil cold and flu plus fluids plus rest but it didn’t work out that great.  What did work out great was going to Clemson this weekend!  I ended up getting out of work later than usual on Friday, so I made an executive decision to get a good night’s sleep here before heading down Saturday morning.

We tailgated most of the day and enjoyed lots of food, drinks (including Serena’s amazing pumpkin shots), and finished the day cheering on our tigers to a win :)


The weather was absolutely perfect and it was so fun seeing some of our friends from other states that we don’t get to see as often :)


The game started at 7:30, and after watching it (and the Gamecocks lose on tv) we went to bed…we are officially old.  Apparently, drinking during the day doesn’t help colds (who knew?) so I woke up feeling like I backslid into sickness.  But, it was my friend’s Lauren’s birthday, so I took some Sudafed and helped her celebrate her Sunday Funday birthday.


We started off with brunch and kept the party going all day through downtown Greenville.  I was so excited when my friend Samantha came to join the party for awhile (twinning was unintentional)


Finally, the weekend wrapped up today when I made it back home to Charlotte.  After some errands and a nap (damn this cold), I packed my lunches for the week than caught up with y’all :)


How was your weekend?  Is anyone else getting sick from these weather changes?  I hate it!