sriracha lime scallops

On Sunday, my sister made a delicious dinner for us (I made the caprese salad, not exactly brain surgery), and she was kind enough to share it with me!


My sister’s an amazing cook and thankfully enjoys cooking for others (aka me) so I love eating over there.  Seriously, how good does this look?


Warning- it’s not exactly healthy but so so good.


  • 4 T butter, divided
  • 1 T honey
  • lime juice from two limes
  • 1 t of sriracha (to taste, we used more)
  • a pinch of salt
  • coarse salt (we used homemade sriracha salt)
  • 16 scallops
  •  1/2 T vegetable oil

Melt butter and mix in lime juice, honey, sriracha, and the pinch of salt (again, edit to taste).

Heat oil in skillet and pat scallops dry.  Salt one end of them (we used the sriracha salt) and when the oil is hot, put salted side down in pan to sear.  While searing, salt the other side and flip to sear (each side should be down about 2 minutes).

Warm the spicy butter mixture and serve either over scallops or as a dipping sauce (Julie had her’s over her scallops and I had mine on the side).

Enjoy!  These are so delicious!

charlotte racefest recap

Last weekend I ran Charlotte RaceFest, my third half marathon.  I was toying with the idea for a while, flip flopping between the inaugural Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh or it, or maybe nothing since it was one my best friend’s (Serena) birthday weekend.  Finally, about 5 weeks out (with Serena’s blessing), I signed up.  I decided to for a couple of reasons- 1. it was about $60 cheaper than RnR (at that time, I think the week before it was about $70 cheaper) 2. it was in Charlotte so no added travel costs, and 3. I really wanted to do another, non-injured half.

Although I was consistently running 4 to 6 miles prior to registration, I still hadn’t seriously being training.  I decided to just keep doing what I was doing plus a long run on weekends when I could fit it in.  Confession though- I started getting knee pain on the outside of my right knee whenever I went over 5 miles.  It didn’t stop me though, I just would rest a day or two and go back to running.  That being said, two weeks before the race it started to really bug me so I ended up skipping my last long run in favor of resting my knee.  Plus I was precepting, so like I’ve mentioned before, I wasn’t exactly being a workout machine.

I didn’t pick up my race packet because I had to precept the day before the race until 7 and the cutoff was at 6:30 so Serena picked it up for me (thank you!!!).  She gave it to me when we had the feast at my sister’s after I got off, so it all worked out perfectly :)


After stuffing myself with the shrimp and steak kabobs, I went home to get ready for the race.   Another confession- I registered and then never really looked back (maybe because it was in town?) so I had no idea what time it started or even where the start was until that night.  Oops.  Typical race night prep- laid my clothes out and went to sleep tossed and turned all night.


When I my alarm went off at 6 (race started at 7:30) I was not feeling it.  I was exhausted from doing four 12 hour shifts that week and hadn’t slept well at all.  I was moving seriously slow.  Luckily, the start was pretty much exactly where Turkey Trot was so only a few miles from my house.  I got there with enough time to warm up a little bit and get to the starting line.  Then, this is the first time this has happened to me (I thick because I always run with friends), I met two other girls who were running on their own so we decided to run together.  Our paces were similar so we started off and it was great for the majority of the race.  My knee started bothering me around mile 6 and started really bugging me at mile 9, but one of the girls suggested concentrating on really planting my foot with intention on each step (does that make sense?) and it seemed to help a little.


I should have known since Turkey Trot was in the same area, but this was super hilly.  It seemed like every time there was a little downhill area, it was followed by an even bigger uphill stretch.  It was by far the hilliest race I have ever run.  I ended up losing one of the girls I started with around mile 8 when I stopped to stretch (for some reason I thought stretching my calves would help my knee??) and then I lost the other girl at mile 9 so I was riding solo for the rest of the race.  Even though my knee was angry, I had one of the moments (don’t judge me, this is cheesy) where I looked around and thought about how much I love my life right now and how lucky I am to be where I am.  Charlotte is gorgeous, and I was doing what I love (running) and pursuing my dream career (nursing).  Have you ever had one of those moments?  Sorry for being cheesy, but I know I’m not the only one!



I ended up seeing my sister waiting for me right at mile 13 which made me want to cry and also made me sprint the rest of the way to the finish line.


these are courtesy of Julie.


I ended up finishing at 2:24 which isn’t what I know I can do(I definitely could have done better, and intend to) but considering how crappy my last half was, I was happy.  Plus, it was actually faster than my first, so a PR too.  Also I was extremely happy to have my sister there supporting me :)



After the race we hit up the physical therapist tent (same one I visited awhile ago at the running store) and asked him about my knee- he said IT band (and y’all probably all said duh) So I’m taking a few days off running and hoping praying it will go away on it’s own.

Overall it was a good, low-key race that definitely made me push myself.  All those hills kicked my ass.  There was one at mile 7 that was terrible.   You thought it was over because there was a sharp curve at the top and a lot of trees but once you got up there you realized there was more.  I actually made Julie drive the course afterwards so she would understand my whining later that night :)


How was your weekend?  Did you have a race?  PR?

happy monday

Hope you’re happier than grumpy cat is this Monday!



Haha sorry, I just love her so much!  I just feel like she should also be a boy?  Is that weird?

This week is my last week precepting, (I cannot believe how fast it has flown by!) and it’s definitely bittersweet.  On one hand, I’m excited to be done because I know that’s one step closer to graduating and working (after the NCLEX), but on the other, I’ll miss the PICU so much (they don’t hire new graduate nurses) and all the people I’ve met along the way.  I feel like I’ve learned so so much the past few weeks, but also realized how incredibly much I have left to learn and will learn on the job.  Yikes, it’s intimidating!  But still, I’m feel so ready!

For lunch, I finally brought back my favorite salad- strawberry spinach, can’t wait!  I also bought some watermelon at the grocery store last night and it was pretty awesome…think I’m ready for summer?

IMG_2950This week will be kinda like last, in that I have 3 days precepting and potentially 1 working, we’ll see what happens.  I’m so fortunate that my nurse manager allows me to pick up if there’s a need, it’s so nice to be able to call in if your week isn’t as insane as you originally anticipated.  Plus, I’m also apartment shopping so that takes up time too ;)  Oh yea, and I’d like to squeeze in some workouts in there also.  Can we add more hours to the day???

Hope your Monday’s going well!  What’s your week look like?  Any big changes coming up for you?


it’s officially spring!

Since last week was a little jam packed- 3 day shifts precepting plus a night shift working, I was wiped out by Friday.  Luckily my sweet sister invited me over for dinner- surf and turf in the form of steak and shrimp kabobs plus a  garlic coconut brown rice side dish with a sriracha sauce, so amazing.  Since I had plans to run a half Saturday, I made sure to load up on brown rice :)

Saturday started of with me running Charlotte Race Fest half marathon- expect a recap later this week!


This song definitely got me smiling and cruising along, I loved it!  Julie ended up coming to cheer me on and I was so happy to see her at the finish line after an extremely hilly half- by far the hilliest half I’ve done and probably one of the most hilly races I’ve done.  My legs were shot afterwards.



After we celebrated with a drink, we met up with Serena to spend the rest of the day in the sun.  It was kind of weird because this was only my third half, but my other two were more events (maybe because they involved travel?) whereas this was just like, oh yea, just ran a half this morning, no big deal.

We met up with some friends at the Peculiar Rabbit to celebrate Serena’s birthday (coming up this week!) before heading out for the night.  I had the chicken, bacon, and brie salad again and it hit the spot.


We spent the night having so much fun and celebrating the (soon to be) birthday girl!


After a late night, Julie, Serena, and I recovered poolside with some reading.  I borrowed Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children from Julie’s roommate and read about half today- it’s been so long since I’ve read for fun!  Has anyone read this book?  Thoughts?  I’m just over halfway through and can’t decide what I think about it yet.


Also luckily for us, Julie and Serena’s apartment had a Sunday sundae event so we had free ice cream while we lounged, definitely a good idea :)   Plus, Serena’s fiancee’s dog Wader joined us poolside.


We wrapped up the weekend with this delicious meal, again courtesy of my sister:



Followed by just under a three mile walk with Serena and Wader.


All in all, it was a fabulous, super fun weekend with about 99% of it spent outside enjoying this amazing weather.

How was your weekend?  Did you have a race?

doin’ big thangs

Hey y’all,

Sorry I’ve been really inconsistent with my posts the past few weeks, the schoolwork I still have to do plus precepting plus life  (including things like moving and job searching) and a few other things has been keeping me pretty busy.  And I have a confession- I haven’t been the best at maintaining my workouts outside of obligatory runs recently and hope to get back on track ASAP!


The week has been busy especially- I’ve precepted 24 out of the last 36 hours and I’m tired.  I’ve spent my precepting days so so busy and learning so much and seriously loving every minute but when I get home I just want to shower and crawl in bed.  Plus I’m hungry which doesn’t help haha.  I get home around 7:30pm or 8 and haven’t eaten in probably 6 hours so I’m super hungry and the thought of  working out is not the most appealing but then  again, I don’t want to do it after and vom- what’s an almost nurse to do?  ;)

The last two days have been pretty awesome though, I truly love the unit I’m on and working with all of the nurses.  I can’t believe that next week is my last precepting- it’s flown by!

I’m actually working night shift tomorrow night before knocking out my last precepting 12 on Friday, but I’m hoping to get some good workouts in tomorrow before heading in!

How’s your week been going?  Nursing friends- do you workout after 12s?  Advice por favor!