friday favorites (a day late)

This week has been full of favs and I wanted to share some even though I’m a day late :)
the signs my sister and mom had at the race last weekend

finally convincing this lady if join me at hot yoga

kickoff to my birthday (thanks anthro!)

Drinking champagne with a friend while shopping was the perfect way to wrap up my third day in a row on the floor.
the amazing sweater I got from my birthday party at anthro


What are/were your favorites this week?

day 5 of 5

Today marks my fifth day in a row at the hospital, ah I am so ready for a break! Luckily, it was 3 days of work bookended with two days at class, so I’m looking forward to spending the day in oncology core class :)
My patients were pretty good this week, but we ended up admitting new patients at shift change every day, so I never left on time. The only time this was really annoying was last night because I had plans-I was going shopping to celebrate my birthday month at Anthro!

How cute are these? Champagne plus shopping is always a win in my book.

What a great way to wind down the week!

half week!

Hi friends!  I can’t believe another week has flow by AND it’s already November AND it’s race time for me and my roommate!  Way back in the spring, I mentioned on National Running Day that Rock n Roll Marathons were marking down registration prices to celebrate, and I somehow convinced my roommate to join me for a redo of Savannah (in case you don’t know I was in a boot pretty much up to the race then still attempted to walk/run it).  Hopefully this year will be better!


This week was filled with work and meetings, and since I’ve been picking up a lot recently, I’m really excited to be getting a few days off!  Plus my sister and mom and joining us so it should be a fun weekend.  Any restaurant suggestions?

On top of work this week, I also got to watch my tigers play!  For sure, it was an ugly game, but at least we came out with a win!  Our viewing party also doubled as a birthday celebration for my friend Rikki!



Time to hit the road!  Any big plans for this weekend?  Any Savannah suggestions?  Let me know!

zio’s italian kitchen

Last week while my mom was here, we tried out a new-to-us restaurant- Zio’s Italian Kitchen.  My sister and had been talking recently about how rarely we eat or make Italian food, so we decided to go for it when mom was in town.  After some research, we found Zio’s, which offered gluten free pasta, so it was a win all around.  The weather was perfect, so we sat in the cute little outdoor eating area and started off with some wine :)

Julie and I split a salad (I can’t remember which one because it’s not online) with arugala, parmesan, almonds, and a vinaigrette dressing.  It was okay, but we both agreed it was missing something (and we both agreed it was craisins)

IMG_5130For dinner, Julie had a spinach ravioli, while my mom had one of the specials, and I had gluten free pasta alla vodka.  They both loved their dishes while mine was kind of meh.


I felt like it was missing something, but since everyone else thought theirs was so good (obviously I couldn’t try theirs), I would love to try Zio’s again.  Plus, it made me realize we need to start venturing out A LOT more when it comes to restaurants and neighborhoods in Charlotte- there’s so much to try!


halloween weekend

Can you believe it’s already November?  This year has flown by!

I wasn’t sure what my plans were for Halloween, but I had the day off on Friday so when my sister suggested our friend Megan and I dressed up like pinatas, I jumped at the chance to make the costumes!  I googled examples then headed to Target for supplies.  A few hours later plus A LOT of tissue paper and hot glue, this was the result:


Julie and her friend dressed up like Rosie and Sophia Grace, and we all headed to a friend’s apartment for Halloween fun.


The party we went to had a real piñata and bobbing for apples, it was so much fun!  I’m grateful that we don’t have evidence of my terrible piñata skills, completely missing was a little embarrassing.

Saturdays rainy and chilly, so my roommate and spent it watching Netflix, specifically Blackfish (oh my gosh, so crazy) and eating our weight in junk.  When she went to babysit, I continued my Netflix binge by watching it while I ran on the treadmill.


Ten miles later it was time to call it a night!  I spent Sunday working and unfortunately didn’t get home until after 8, so I was exhausted.  It was one of those days where 109342390 things are happening and you’re keeping up but the list just seems to keep getting longer, do you know what I mean?  It seemed like for every one thing I checked off my list, I had another three added.  When I finally got home, I needed to decompress because I felt like I was so wound up, so I hit the treadmill for an easy three mile run before bed.

Whew, that weekend was tiring, but I have a busy week up ahead!  How was your Halloween weekend?  Do anything fun?