everybody’s working for the weekend

Except me last week, I was working on the weekend. That meant an early night for me Friday, long days Saturday and Sunday, and wine on Sunday night :) the hospital is kinda strange on the weekend, there are less people around, generally less is going on, and the patients even seem quieter (I know, I know, the q-word is a no-no in healthcare, but it’s usually true!). Unfortunately/fortunately for me, Saturday was super busy and before I knew it, it was time to leave. Unfortunate because I never had time to eat and fortunate because it made the day go by so fast. Due to the hectic-ness of the day, I was worn out by the time I made it home, but I rallied because my friend Amy was in town!

My roommate and I met Amy, her husband, and their friends out for a drink to catch up before I had to call it a night. I haven’t seen them since the wedding so I was super excited they were in town!
Sunday morning came much too early for me, and I definitely needed some caffeine to kick start my day. It seemed like the polar opposite of the day before; my day was uneventful so I was able to get a lot of learning modules that are due soon out of the way. Also, I tried this yogurt and it was so good! It tastes like pumpkin cheesecake, you should definitely check it out next time you’re at Target (thanks Meghan!)

My patients were great and every time I rounded on them, they said “I’m great/no pain/no I don’t need anything/okay I’ll call you if I need you” so most of our interactions were talking rather than “nurse” things so it was a lot less stressful. After getting off work, I picked up my sister and we had some Thai and wine to celebrate the end of my weekend working and the end of a bad day for her.
I can’t believe the weekend is already over and Chicago is sooo close, I’m so excited!!! Any recommendations???

this week’s friday favorites

I cannot believe it’s Friday again, I swear the weeks just keep flying by.  I have the day off because I’m working both days this weekend, so I’m spending it getting some good workouts in (yay hot yoga and a solo run!) and getting some random stuff done.  So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from this week :)

group runs


This week, I went to two different group runs and loved them both.  I feel like I push myself harder than I do when I’m running solo :)

fall nail polish

Okay, I know I’m a nerd, but typically during football season I rock orange or purple nails all season long, because hello, Clemson.  This week we have a bye week, and I needed to fix my nails thanks to all the hand washing at the hospital, so I decided to mix it up.  When I looked in my bathroom, OPI’s Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok fine! called to me and I’m loving it now :)



Is this weird?  I’ve been obsessed with asparagus this week and plan on going to the grocery store tonight to get more for lunch at work.


Actually, I’m loving this entire meal.

breakfast club

This movie was on while I was eating lunch and I forgot how much I love it.  “Don’t you forget about me” will be stuck in my head all day now.

my upcoming trip

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’m going to Chicago next week with some of my best friends from college and I cannot wait!  I’m so excited for this trip, I’m literally counting down the days!


another hump day!

Hope y’all are having a great week! After feeling meh all day Monday (until my therapeutic run), I made lunch for work on Tuesday from our dinner, and in the middle of a crazy busy day, it was amazing. Not exaggerating.

This Tupperware container got me through the rest of the day :) Honestly,
I felt like the day flewby which was nice, but I also felt like I was justable to be caught up when another curveball came my way. Overall, it was a really good work day, just tiring. I may or may not have wrapped it up with some Dance Moms ;) By the way, I think I got my roommate hooked too.
My schedule is a little erratic this week, so I had today off, work tomorrow, then off Friday and back on the weekend, which I’m not the biggest fan of, but I did get to sleep in this morning which was much needed. I spent the rest of the day working on a project with a coworker and then reading and relaxing until I tried out another group run. The run was in NoDa, another neighborhood in Charlotte and had a 1, 3, and 5 mile loop before winding up at NoDa Brewery. I started our unsure of what course I would do but ended up choosing the 5 mile loop when it spilt off from the 3. Two things I learned tonight- my speed work is paying off which super exciting (my average pace is getting better regardless of mileage, yay!) and I am motivated by fear (this also helps my pace). The group we started with was HUGE but after the spilt, my group got a lot smaller and spread out and I wasn’t the most comfortable when I was alone in certain areas. So, I picked up the pace to catch up with others and stayed with them the best I could. I ended up finishing the 5 mile loop at around a 9:30 pace which I was happy with :)

Afterwards, I rewarded myself with some cider and pizza (all in moderation, right?)

How is your week going? Any high or lowlights so far?

about me

One of my favorite bloggers, Meghan, did a post like this last week and since I’m a copycat, I decided to do the same :)


My name is Kelly, and I’m a 26 year old living in Charlotte, NC at the moment.



I am incredibly close with my family.  My younger sister lives in Charlotte as well, while my parents live in Cary, which is a town right outside of Raleigh where we grew up.



I am an oncology nurse after recently (going back to and) graduating from nursing school; I can’t believe it’s already been over 3 months, time is flying by!


I love spending time with friends, running, yoga, being outside, going out to eat, Margarita Thursdays, traveling, being on water, shopping, Clemson football, Clemson in general, crafts, going on walks, reading, and cooking (occasionally).



Favorite food

If you’ve read this blog longer than a week (because I eat it about once a week), I’m sure you know my favorite food is Thai.  I could eat this food all day, err day.


Favorite color

Pink.  No contest, I am such a girl.  Hello, look at my running shoes.


Standard coffee order

I don’t drink coffee, so typically I order hot tea at Starbucks/Caribou/any coffee place.  I’ve always been a tea drinker, and have never warmed up to coffee, so if it’s not broke, don’t fix, right?   Any kind will do, sweet, mint, breakfast, I’ll take it ;)


Standard bar order

If I’m out with friends, it’s usually a Firefly vodka and water, but on Thursdays it’s a margarita :)


Places I shop

Anthropologie, Nordstrom, J. Crew, and little boutiques I find!  I used to obsessively check Rue La La and Hautelook, but had to stop checking them/spending money on things I didn’t need (but they’re on sale!)

Bedtime/wake up time

When I’m working, I set my alarm for 5-5:30 depending on if I need to shower, and I tend to go to bed by 10 the night before (get in, not fall asleep, I usually read).  On days off, I wake up between 9 and 10 and go to bed around 11.  I’ve never been  huge morning person, and I’ll admit, when I am definitely NOT one of those people who wakes up super early even when they don’t need to, I savor those extra minutes in bed.

Beauty products I can’t live without

I’ve been a HUGE Kiehl’s fan for years now; I have really sensitive skin, so when I found a face wash and moisturizer that didn’t irritate my skin, I stuck to it.  Seriously, I’ve been using the same stuff for years.  I’m also addicted to this Nars blush (who isn’t?), this STILA eyeliner, pretty much any shimmery taupe/bronze/brown eye shadow from Bobbi Brown, and currently this mascara from Lancome.   Also, I’m a big OPI fan, and have way too much nail polish to admit.


What I blog about

My life.  Work, working out, friends, food, my city, being gluten free, whatever floats my boat :)  But it can be summed up as my life.


First blog I read

This probably really weird since I’m gluten free, but Bake at 350.  Her cookies are insane and I love seeing what she creates (even though I can’t eat 99.99% of it).  I guarantee you’ll get sucked into looking at all her cookies.

How did I start blogging

Truthfully?  I was procrastinating studying for a test.  Plus, I was reading a ton of blogs already and figured I’d get in on the action too :)

Why I blog

I blog because I like having this outlet that not all of my friends know about.  It’s mine and I can talk about my life, and connect with other people who can relate (or can’t but who cares).  I never expected to have followers, and I feel like I have made blog friends all over the place who I root for and who root for me.

Okay, that was long, sorry!  Your turn- answer any/all of these or give me some feedback :) Thanks for reading!

one of those days

Do you ever have those days that you’re just off?  That was me today.  I was just NOT in a good mood and it seemed like everything annoyed me.  I had to run errands and was frustrated, and was arguing with pretty much everyone.  Pretty much the whole day I was in a funk and just didn’t want to be around people.  But, I told my roommate I’d go on a group run with her at one of the running stores in Charlotte so I had to do that.  Truthfully, I didn’t want to, I just wanted to lay around and be a slug, but I knew I’d feel better afterwards so I stuck to my plan, and we headed out early to be there on time.  Actually, we misread the time and got there half an hour early, but better early than late, right?  Once we got there, I still kinda in my funk and not feeling the most social but forced myself to be so I didn’t seem like such a weirdo.  Finally, it was time to head out, and our largish group hit the route.  I knew from running with this group before that the route we pretty hilly, and some people are super speedy, so I tried to pace myself so I didn’t burn out early (the route was 4 1/2 miles).


But really?  I felt pretty great.  I started out quicker than I intended (and usually do) but for some reason I was able to maintain it today.  At one point, I was feeling crappy and wanted to walk for a bit when I got this text:


And it helped me keep going.  I wish I could say I had an inspiring thought but it was really “Ah if she saw you other people you know might too, keep going”.  Also, the weather was perfect for running, in the 70s and not crazy sunny (it looked like its as going to rain but didn’t).  About halfway through the course we ran past a family with a stand on the side of the road that I first thought was a lemonade stand, and felt bad I didn’t have money to buy anything, but it had signs that said “free water for runners” and the kids were handing them out, which was just so sweet.  It felt like everything as just clicking, and I was loving every step of it.  I was working my frustration out on my run, and ended up finishing the run in just under 44 minutes which I was very happy with, and super sweaty.


We hung around the store for a little bit afterwards, icing our shins and having a drink (free beer for runners, my roommate had some while I jealously drank water).


When we headed home, I felt infinitely better and way less grouchy.  We rounded out the night with a repeat of dinner we had last week, which was simple and oh so delicious.


Do you ever have days like this?  Do you think working out helps you work out your frustration/bad mood?

another weekend in the books

Last week I worked Tuesday through Friday (actually Wednesday was a class for the whole day) and by Friday I was pretty wiped out.  So wiped out, I squeezed in a little nap before meeting some friends for Foodtruck Friday.  It’d been so so long since I’ve gone and was still as fun as ever.  We stopped at Common Market for drinks before looking around at the trucks and deciding on what to eat.  We all ended up getting something different, from tacos to grilled cheeses to truffle fries, we were all over the place but I don’t think any of us cared :)


It looked like it was going to storm pretty much the whole time, but luckily it (mostly) held off.  We finished out meals off with dessert- Serena and her roommate got a carrot cake cupcake while the rest of us got popsicles (yay King of Pops, my fav!)


We called it a night after that because 1. We’re getting old and work weeks tire us out sometimes (even four day ones) and 2. We had a date to go to bootcamp the next morning!

Serena and I met our friend Julie just before 8 the next morning before heading to bootcamp at a gymnastics gym.  Technically it’s for moms, but oh my gosh did it kick my butt.  I was literally dripping sweat by the end of it- it was mostly circuits and it was intense but a lot of fun.   The best part was having other people to work out with, and doing something with mis amigas that didn’t involve food which was a nice change (don’t get me wrong, I love to go out to eat, but burning calories instead of taking them in was pretty great too)

Afterward, Serena made us smoothies for breakfast and we hung out watching College Gameday.


I eventually headed home to get ready for Weenie Roast, a concert that we had bought tickets on groupon awhile ago (hell yea, Fitz and the Tantrums, Foster the People, and Weezer for $12).  A bunch of our friends were going and it was all day so we had to get ready to meet up!


We unintentionally twinned, but it’s all good.  Also, we actually had other friends there too, but I accidentally deleted all those pictures off my phone later that night.  Whoops.

Sunday was pretty lazy, just spent it shopping with my sister, but we did wrap it up with this delicious dinner after.  I’m so lucky my sister loves to cook (and allows me to mooch off of her :) )


My only contribution to the meal was the grilled peaches (my second attempt at them, this time a success!) so let’s be real, Julie’s skills are pretty legit.

How was your weekend?  Anything fun?