another weekend wrap-up

Hey guys!  How was your marathon Monday?  Did you watch?  Did you run?  I definitely spent the morning streaming the race, and was loving it, plus I was texting my friend Serena during it too so that was awesome.  After watching, we finally decided to take the plunge and register for our first.  Yikes!  Not gonna lie, I’m super excited and nervous about it, but its not for awhile, so we’ve got time :)  Which I’ll need considering my crappy run I had.  Four super sucky miles, but my mantra for the last one was “Shitty miles are better than no miles”.  And I survived.

This weekend was jam packed with activities and was so much fun!  Friday night was spent at Science on the Rocks- a museum in Uptown opens up it’s doors after hours to all the grown ups for drinks and playing on exhibits.  IMG_0043

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.52.18 PM

After we finished exploring, we went to Malabar, an AMAZING Spanish tapas restaurant nearby.  I was fan.  It reminded me of the food when I studied abroad in college and I will definitely be returning soon!

Saturday was spent in the sun, first at the pool, then on a run, then at the Knights baseball game.  The Knights are Charlotte’s minor league team and it was so fun!


I wrapped up the weekend with Game of Thrones, and since my weekend continued until today, some hot yoga classes with my sister and roommate :)

Overall, a pretty Charlotte-y weekend.  I cannot wait for more days like these; how was your weekend?  How’s your week starting out?

happy friday and a winner!

Congrats to Karen from The Mile Report for winning the free Spartan Race entry!  Email me @ for your prize :)

Today is so gorgeous, I’m definitely enjoying my day off from work!  After my three days in a row this week, I met up with friends at Soul Gastrolounge for a post-work drink last night, and we sat out on the patio in the warm weather.  Heaven.  I don’t have any pictures, but I had a cucumber mule (Moscow mule + cucumber= perfection) and loved it!  Try it, you’ll thank me.

Any one have big plans for this weekend?  Let me know!

Easter weekend and a giveaway!

Happy happy spring guys! It’s already pollen season here in NC and now everything has a nice yellow hue.  My eyes are loving it ;)

After working my night shifts last week, I went to my parents to spend Easter with them.  Julie was able to join too- she’s on spring break right now and was catching a flight out of Raleigh on Saturday (perk of being w teacher- spring break!). We started off with happy hour outside at a wine store and this was the theme for the night :)


Othe highlights of the weekend were lots of sitting in the sun, church on Sunday, teaching Zoe to swim, finding the an amazing designer consignment store, a super crappy four mile run (struggle city)and this delicious feast.


So delicious!  We all loved all the family time :) 


Spartan race 

Have y’all done a Spartan Race before?  I’ve heard about them and think they sound awesome. Some of my favorite bloggers have done them and love them, they’ve just never matched up with my schedule so I’ve never made it to one before.   

Unfortunately, I still won’t be able to participate in the Charlotte race this year (it’s THIS weekend!) due to prior commitments but if you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out, it’ll be super fun plus the weather will be perfect! 

Hopefully I can change it soon, but if you haven’t done one before OR you have and loved it, leave a comment telling me about your weekend and one person will get an entry to an upcoming Spartan Race of their choice!

I’ll announce the winner Thursday morning 5/9!  Or, if you want to go ahead register, you can register using the code SPARTANBLOGGER to get 10% off any Spartan race :). Good luck! 

blaze pizza 

When I was visiting my mom the other day, we tried a new to us pizza place near her house- Blaze Pizza.  

 Pretty much our only stipulation was they had to offer gluten free pizza and my mom suggested this place!  It was different because it wasn’t a traditional pizza place, it was a build your own, a la Subway style.  The staff was pretty good about asking about my pizza, and made sure to use different utensils and toppings than those that may have been contaminated by gluten-full pizza.  

I ordered one with pepperoni and feta, and my mom got one with artichokes, garlic, mozzarella and ricotta.  Truthfully?  It wasn’t the best, but for a easy, quick pizza fix, it did the trick :)


Way to go Cary, for stepping up your gluten free game! 

and we’re on week two

After my week of meetings, PALS class, and some night shifts thrown in, I started on week two of two of nightshift orientation this weekend.  Spending another weekend at the hospital wasn’t my favorite thing, but I’ve found myself caring less lately; it’s less of an “Ugh I’m working,” it’s more of a “Sorry, can’t, I’m working.”  No remorse, just a matter of fact.  Maybe it’s just me being older or a side effect of being single, but it’s just not that big of a deal to me lately.  I get plenty of time off during the week, and my weekends have died down a lot anyway.  Regardless, my weekend of nights went by pretty quickly and smoothly, and just like that I’m on to my last two days (nights) on night shift orientation.  At least I’m being better at eating, I’ve been trying to pack healthy lunch/2 am meals :)


Yoga has been my best friend these last few days- I think it’s because I have people to go with (my sister and my roommate) so it’s keeping me more accountable than when it’s just me.  Sadly, running just hasn’t been consistent, I think for the same reasons though.  Womp womp.  Hopefully I can start motivating myself again soon, I miss running! (But I’m also super sleepy during these nightshift days)


Y’all, why do I suck on nights again? I used to be able to handle it, I must be getting old.  

three things Thursday

Happy Thursday! I’ve been flip flopping between nights and days thus week and it’s not the most fun.  I spent the last two days getting my PALS certication (pediatric advanced life support) 


so I’m so so happy tiday it’s going to hit 80 and hopefully no rain!  Aside from this spring weather, three things that are making me extra happy  are 

1. Springtime flowers 


My mom bought my sister and I both hyacinths for Easter and they’re blooming and making my apartment smell like spring! When we were little my grandfather used to give us these flowers at Easter in a “giveaway”(I thought it was me winning but obviously he’d say “this flower goes to the girl who traveled the furthest to get here” and I’d die with excitement)

2. Zoe


Obviously this is the best way to carry your toy, so you can’t see at all.  

3.  Sister workouts


 Three and four mile runs plus lots of hot yoga with this one have been awesome, I’m loving having her to chat with and keep me accountable :)

Is it spring-y where you are? What we you loving right now? 

and back to the dark side 

That’s right, I’m back on nights (for the next two weeks anyway).  I’m orienting to both days and nights, but will be on for days solely when I’m off so yay!  Seriously, I cannot believe I’ve been in the peds world for almost two months, it’s been a whirlwind.  Speaking of a whirlwind, this past week has been too.  Highlights include catching up with my friend Amy while visiting the rents, poor baby Zoe getting fixed,


Trying out some new gluten free discoveries,


Sharing some gluten full goodies from work,


Springtime runs, hot yoga,


 and our build your own taco bar :)


(The chicken was in the crockpot and obviously missing from the pic, but I promise it was there.)

How did your weekend go?  I’m hoping my return to nights won’t have me relapse into a ddp addict again!