lots of veggies with a low key weekend

Guys.  It’s Sunday again.  That means the work week is gearing up again.  After working Wednesday through Friday last week, I headed home to Cary on Friday night for a last minute visit.  The family I used to nanny for is moving cross country and I wanted to see them before they moved.  Zoe and I loaded up and road tripped home🙂

last day in racine

The last day in Racine was pretty low-key thanks to midday flight, but first, we went to Mexican for lunch!


Jose’s Blue Sombrero!  It was close to my dad’s work and nearly the entire menu was gluten free friendly!  My mom and I each ordered tacos, and while both were delicious, her’s were definitely the winner!  Julie ordered spicy chicken and loved her as well (sorry no picture).  I also loved the blue tortilla chip in the beans since it was almost shark week when we were there🙂

IMG_0962 IMG_0963I would definitely recommend this place if you’re ever in Racine, it was delicious and reasonably priced.  Plus, Julie and I had margaritas with our lunch and they were so yummy!

After stuffing ourselves with Mexican, it was time to fly back to Charlotte and the real world.  I passed the time at the airport the best way possible- wine and a book🙂


Back to the real world!

what i’m loving this wednesday

1. My sweet little pupIMG_0990I missed Zo zo so much while she was being boarded.  Plus she was got sick this week so she’s been extra cuddly.

2. Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter and Jelly greek yogurt

IMG_1060I bought this on a whim and after reading about it on other blogs and I loved it!  I don’t know how but it somehow tasted exactly  how I remember PB & Js tasted when I was younger.  Love it, will definitely buy more of these puppies!

3.  Luna’s Living Kitchen

IMG_1073I tried the Gateway to Green juice on Monday when I met a work friend and loved it!  Kale + apple + orange + lemon + ginger, yes please!  I loved it, it was so refreshing plus the bottle is glass so I can reuse it at home.  I can’t wait to try more juices in the future🙂

4.  Movie night (specifically Magic Mike XXL)

IMG_1068Julie, my mom, and I decided to go to see Magic Mike XXL on Sunday and it was so much fun (is that weird to say?). Definitely a great girls’ night movie!

5.  erin condren life planner


If you’ve been reading the blog awhile, my obsession with erin condren life planners is no secret, and now that the 2016 designs are out and I cannot wait to order my new one!  Plus, if you’re interested in ordering one, use this code to get $10 off your first purchase!🙂

What are you loving this week?

chicago round two

On the last full day in Wisconsin, my sister, mom, and I made an impromptu day trip to Chicago!  We took the train from Kenosha to Chicago bright and early (my mom was excited too because it was only the second train she’s been on🙂 )


We were worried that the weather wasn’t going to hold out but it ended up being beautiful for the majority of the day.  We planned on shopping, but first we stopped for some sweet treats🙂

IMG_0954 IMG_0955

Firecakes!  We stumbled upon it accidentally and were so excited to revisit the gluten free donut site from my girls visit last fall. After getting our donut fix (GF chocolate for me, pistachio for Julie, and coconut cream for mom), we shopped and wandered around the city🙂

IMG_0958 We finished our day with drinks on the river with one of Julie’s college friends, it was  a great day🙂

mas racine

After the first few days in Racine, we decided to go to Summerfest again on Friday since my dad hasn’t been.  We went to see Keith Urban and we seriously underestimated how cold it was!  We ended having to buy blankets and spent most of the concert like this:


50 degree and 20 mph winds is more like winter to us, and we definitely didn’t have the right clothes!

Saturday morning in Racine started with a quick car trip to Cedarburg, Wisconsin for the Strawberry Festival.


There were so many strawberry treats and so many were gluten free.  I was pumped, I can’t remember the last time I had strawberry shortcake (it was delicious!).  We walked around for the day and enjoyed so many food and craft vendors, plus Cedarburg was the cutest little town.


After we heading homed from the festival, we grabbed drinks by the water🙂  Sunday was pretty relaxed- we spent it by the pool and cooking out which is good, because we had big adventures planned for Monday- stay tuned!

first of our trip to racine

Recently, I made my first visit to Wisconsin, more specifically Racine.  My dad is working up there on a a project, so my sister, mom and I visited! (Zoe was boarded, it was a little traumatizing for both of us)  We planned our trip around a music festival called Summerfest so we would have fun things to do while my dad was working.


Racine was A LOT cuter than I expected, and we spent a couple days of our trip exploring the town, and walking around the waterfront; it’s right on Lake Michigan.  Our first night there was spent touring where my dad works, and getting martinis at one of his favorite haunts, Henry and Wanda’s.

Our second day there (first full day), we went to Summerfest- Florida Georgia Line was headlining, but there were tons of bands playing all day.


We got tickets for the lawn for FGL, and loved the arena- the hill was super steep, but it backs up the Lake Michigan, and so the view was insane.  Midway through their set, fireworks started going off and it was so cool.

IMG_0927 IMG_0928

Afterwards, we ran to see Bastille, who happened to be playing next to Kaskade (didn’t know who he was prior), but it was so cool seeing Pompeii performed live, and being able to run over to a huge techno show right night to it.  Seriously, it was such a cool experience.  We did the park and ride also, so after those shows we were able to hop on the bus that took us back to our car, no waiting.

The next day was spent recovering during the day, walking around, and going on one of my dad’s coworker’s boats at the marina.


The marina we were at was the starting place for the Queen’s Cup, a sailboat race that was happening the next day.  All the sailboats were already docked for the race the next day, so it was cool seeing them all decked out in their racing flags.  Plus, there was live music, so it was so fun to dance the night away with the fam🙂


The only downside is it is cold in the midwest in June!  I left 100 degree heat for mid-60s and the poor southern girl was NOT dressed for the weather (neither was anyone else in my family though)  Be back tomorrow with some more recaps from this trip!

pop up run club

I know I’ve been MIA the past few weeks months, but I’ll be more present from now on.  I can bore you with lots of excuses of why I wasn’t posting but basically I was super busy with school, work, and Zoe, dealing with some stuff, and just needed some time on my own for a little.  But fear not, I am back!

Yesterday, I saw an instagram from the whitewater center announcing a pop up run club in NoDa later in the day.  I figured I’m pretty familiar with that neighborhood, and it could be fun and different group so I decided to go.  All my friends (that run) were busy (or have moved…Serena) so I went on my own🙂

There were Charlotte vendors doing raffles and giveaways, plus food trucks and King of Pops (my fave!).  One of my favorite tents was Feetures running socks, which is a Charlotte based company. They had a tent set up where you could trade in the socks you were wearing for a pair of their’s for free!


They are so cute, and I loved running in them🙂  Overall though, my run sucked.  I’ve been super inconsistent lately with my runs, and I definitely felt that last night. Woof.  I had to utilize my mantra of “A shitty run is better than no run.”  That, mixed with HRG’s “I can do hard things” got me through a super hot and sweaty 3 miles.  This run also made me realize how much more consistent I need to start being considering I signed up for a marathon.  Yikes.

The pop up run club was such a cool idea, and they said they’ll be doing more in the future, so if you’re local and interested in joining, follow the whitewater center on instagram!

How’s your week going?