Serena’s wedding weekend part 2!

Friday’s celebrations were so fun but Saturday was when the real celebrations began!  All the bridesmaids got together for hair and makeup in the morning and had fun getting ready :)  

Once we were ready we had pictures and then the ceremony to get to!    

I felt like the ceremony flew by and before we knew it Serena and Joey were married!    

The reception was gorgeous and had the best views of the city, I was obsessed. 

It was such a fun and beautiful wedding!  I was so happy to see one of my best friends get married and loved being there to support her.  Congrats Serena and Joey, love you! 


start of wedding weekend in Cincinnati 

Happy Monday!  I’ve been in Cincinnati for my fave Serena’s wedding since Friday.  We started our road trip in Thursday afternoon and made a pit stop in Knoxville :)  


My sister and I rode with our friends Julie and her fiancé, and we all decided after a dinner stop to get a hotel and stay the night.  

We finished the trip Friday morning, and Julie (sister) and I grabbed a quick run when we got there.  Y’all.  It was hot. 


Running was such a fun way to see the city though!  I was so pleasantly surprised by Cincinnati (no offense intended).  I don’t know what I expected, but I absolutely loved the city, it was so cute!    

After our hot run (almost 90 out), we got lunch with friends then ready for the rehearsal!  We ran through the wedding and headed to the dinner and the views were amazing.    


Afterwards, we kept the celebrations going before calling it a night :)  

We didn’t stay put too late because we had a big day coming up the next morning! 

work and a group run

I worked three days in a row this week after my Mothers Day weekend, and as lame as it sounds, that’s about all I did.  I was exhausted every night and my bed was calling my name.  My new job is still going great, I just think it’s more mentally exhausting than my old position because the kids are sicker.  It’s more stressful for sure, but I love it.  I’m really enjoying thinking more about what’s going on, and pushing myself more.  

I made myself some Hungry Runner Girl style salads this week, and they did not disappoint.    

Sweet potato+quinoa+feta+spinach+bbq sauce= amazing.  

Wednesday I was off, so I met up for lunch and a walk with a friend before going to NoDa run club with my sister and our friend Alex. The last time I went I felt like crap, but this time was a good run :) we rewarded ourselves post-run with some drinks too!

How’s your week going?  Any big plans?

a very Charlotte weekend.

Last weekend my parents were here to celebrate Mother’s Day and we did so with very Charlotte activities.  

We started out with food truck Friday in Southend, with drinks from Commom Market and food from the Tin Kitchen.  

I had Thai shrimp and beef brisket tacos while Julie had the shrimp and a pork belly taco- they did not disappoint.  

After enjoying our dinner, drinks, Popsicles from King of Pops (my fav!) we wrapped up the night at Connolly’s in Uptown.  

We woke up Saturday and went to lunch at Revolution Pizza, before heading back to Julie’s for naps.  Yes, naps after lunch-  we’re not all 21 anymore and Friday’s festivities wore us out.  We woke and up and rallied though, and spent the rest of the night listening to music at River Jam at the Whitewater Center.    

It got chilly as it got dark out, but I loved being outside and spending time with the family :) I can’t wait for summer and more nights like that! 

failing at blogging

Yall.  I am failing at blogging.  Big time. Not to make excuses, but I think work and life and my online program are big parts of that.  Honestly, my program is online so a lot of times I just want to not be on my computer when I have some downtime.  

Anyway, another week down and it is May.  How nuts is that? This week was spirit week on our floor in the children’s hospital and I worked as Belle, a flamingo, and a hippie.    

The weirdest thing was the day I dressed up as Belle multiple people asked me if it was my birthday…what? Haha not sure that a Belle costume is what I’ll be rocking on my birthday.  The kids loved it though so it good :)

I also had some good runs this week and some good yoga sessions… I need to get serious about building distance so I have a base for marathon training.  I’ve been in one of those ruts that where I run around 4 miles each time.  I need to start mixing it up. 

My parents came down to celebrate Mothers Day early and we spent Friday at food truck Friday.  So good :)   

We tried the Tin Kitchen (which was recently featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives) and it did not disappoint.  I’ll recap later!

How’s your weekend? Can you believe it’s May? 

friday favorites (on a Sunday)

Fail.  I forgot to post this on Friday, but figured why not?

1.  This lipstick.

I bought this after Serena’s bachelorette weekend in New Orleans, because another girl had it and I’m obsessed!  It’s a little cray, but so much fun.  I’m excited to rock it this weekend in Hotlanta :)

IMG_57082.  This weekend

Speaking of Hotlanta, I am so so excited to be going and reuniting with my faves for our friend Sam’s birthday.  It’s always so fun when we’re all together and we’ve seen a few cities together in the last year, so I’m excited to celebrate her birthday in her new one!

IMG_4981 IMG_3139

3.  Spring!

Y’all, it’s almost May.  And that means it’s almost Serena’s wedding- that is insane.  I am so excited for it to be coming up and love love love spring and summer :)

4.  Marathon prep

Let’s be real, we registered, but our race is still way off.  But this hasn’t stopped us from researching races we want to do as a part of our training.  I’m so excited/nervous :)


What are you loving?  Any race recommendations?  Any training tips?

another weekend wrap-up

Hey guys!  How was your marathon Monday?  Did you watch?  Did you run?  I definitely spent the morning streaming the race, and was loving it, plus I was texting my friend Serena during it too so that was awesome.  After watching, we finally decided to take the plunge and register for our first.  Yikes!  Not gonna lie, I’m super excited and nervous about it, but its not for awhile, so we’ve got time :)  Which I’ll need considering my crappy run I had.  Four super sucky miles, but my mantra for the last one was “Shitty miles are better than no miles”.  And I survived.

This weekend was jam packed with activities and was so much fun!  Friday night was spent at Science on the Rocks- a museum in Uptown opens up it’s doors after hours to all the grown ups for drinks and playing on exhibits.  IMG_0043

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.52.18 PM

After we finished exploring, we went to Malabar, an AMAZING Spanish tapas restaurant nearby.  I was fan.  It reminded me of the food when I studied abroad in college and I will definitely be returning soon!

Saturday was spent in the sun, first at the pool, then on a run, then at the Knights baseball game.  The Knights are Charlotte’s minor league team and it was so fun!


I wrapped up the weekend with Game of Thrones, and since my weekend continued until today, some hot yoga classes with my sister and roommate :)

Overall, a pretty Charlotte-y weekend.  I cannot wait for more days like these; how was your weekend?  How’s your week starting out?